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The Chef Experience

Imagine being able to enjoy your own party instead of toiling away in the kitchen? What if you knew that you wouldn't even have to touch a dish at the end of the night? 

As a private chef, I provide a night free of worry for your event. from grocery shopping, to prep and cooking and clean up, we are here to make sure your event is something you will remember, Never miss a memorable conversation again, because some moments are just too important. 


​I’ve spent the past nine years perfecting my skills, but also meeting new people and experiencing moments with them. I continue to add to my skill set to make my clients day about them and their guests. We would love to be part of your event, whether it be an anniversary, a cocktail party, or a business event, we want to be there for you when you need us. 


Local Sources

Summer Menu Ideas 
  • Tarragon Crab Cakes 

  • Compressed Melon Salad 

  • Mango Panna Cotta with Blackberry Jam   

  • Mojito Gelee with Lime Cremeux 

Kid Feeding Goats

     As a company we try and source as often as possible from locally owned business, and add fresh products to our dishes to give you the best meal possible, while also supporting the people in our communities. Locally owned food stores also on average have much lower carbon emission and create less waste than large food providers. It is important to us to keep our world clean, and we try to reflect that by purchasing and menuing local items.


Hi, Im Chef Will 

In my years of passionate cooking I have held positions such as 

  • Banquet Chef Washington and Jefferson University 

  • Banquet Chef Sewickley Heights Golf Club 

  • Executive Traveling Chef with Compass Group 

  • Director of Dining Services Pitt Main Campus 

  • I have worked at both the Pinehurst Resort and the American Club 


-Stephanie & Jeff

"Our experience was exceptional. From the beginning he guided us through every detail of our party.  Our guests were thrilled to be able to mingle in the kitchen with Chef Will."   



“Great person, amazing food! No complaints everything was delicious.”

— Talyn


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